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A Brief History of Skyllful (formerly Venado Technologies)

A Brief History of Skyllful (formerly Venado Technologies)

When and how did Skyllful get started? Learn from the man that created our company back in 2009.

Brief History of Venado Technologies
The video references Venado, but we are now Skyllful. Learn more here.
Video transcript

Let me tell you a little bit about Venado and how we got started. We started in 2009 very early on, and essentially our sole focus was on the federal government. We work specifically with the defense intelligence community and we work with the military. Quickly thereafter, after providing software solutions in our early days, we moved very quickly into a large scale contract with the US Army doing some off open source software development and research for them. And through that process we had the opportunity to essentially establish who we are from a quality perspective today and the processes necessary as you might imagine in the government world that you have to be able to follow. We took that experience shortly thereafter into the commercial enterprise and we were doing that specifically around mobile solutions because my partners and I had been very involved in that for probably more years than we want to admit. From there, what we were able to do is establish those that same level of quality, those same processes, delivering mobile solutions at scale. And it's been a great run and we enjoy those relationships that we have today. And the success we have.

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About Skyllful

At Skyllful, our passion is helping customers solve important business problems by applying technology the right way. We believe that emerging technologies will continue to change the way work gets done. Skyllful helps business leaders and their most critical workers use technology in a way that makes their work easier, better, and safer.

Skyllful provides the brainpower and processes to ideate, create, run, and refresh digital experiences where mobile workers connect with the physical world. By bridging the divide between IT and line-of-business demands, Skyllful strikes a balance between the mobile worker experience and secure, reliable enterprise technology requirements to drive business outcomes.